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The department of Business Administration schemes a blueprint of developing project (Figure 1.) for a five-year educational plan of mid-long term and adjusts yearly based on the developing goals of university and college, the social environment and the direction of industrial development, the consideration of graduate’s employment, and the academic development of our faculty.


Figure 1 The Blueprint of Developing Strategy of the Department of Business Administration

Figure 1 The Blueprint of Developing Strategy of the Department of Business Administration

To carry out the educational goal of student-oriented, the department modifies the relevant courses to the requirements of graduate’s employment based on the survey from graduate students yearly. The survey demonstrated the graduates are employed at three industries of marketing, general management, and management of information system and involved in administrative and managerial task at the entry level. Except the basic professional skills, the most desirable requirements for performing these works are the capabilities of solving problem, creative thinking, and managing information. The department brings our educational goal through cultivating critical competitive competence and mastering the working qualification as follows:

1. Unique Competence: 「Project Management」, 「Creative Innovation」 and 「Information application」

We attempt to accomplish the unique developing strategy by high qualities of educational faculties, curricula, facilities, and multiple activities. We scheme a practical curricula systemically fitting all students and expect our students possess integrated core competitive capabilities of solving problem, creative thinking and practical innovation, and applying technology and information management.

2. Employment: Marketing, management and administration or E-business

Based on specific student’s interest and advising system, we guide our student to concentrate on his interested job career by an individualized curriculum map. We gradually enhance student’s competences of employment as a theoretical and practical mid-level employee.