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Chou, Feng-Ying Personal Photos

Chou, Feng-Ying

Job title:Assistant Professor & Director

Education:Ph.D. in Economics, National Taipei University

Research areas:Entire economic policy analysis, demand prediction

Extension:#6500 #6506

XU,HAO-GAO Personal Photos


Job title:Distinguished Professor


Research areas:創新與創業管理、人力資源管理


Ru-Jen Lin Personal Photos

Ru-Jen Lin

Job title:Professor & Vice President


Research areas:創新與創業管理、人力資源管理


Chen, Yuan-He Personal Photos

Chen, Yuan-He

Job title:Associate professor and dean of college of management

Education:Ph.D. in Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Research areas: Production safety management, human engineering


Kai Chen Personal Photos

Kai Chen

Job title:Associate Professor


Research areas:企業倫理與領導、政府與企業、科技與法律

Extension:#2300 #6057

Lee, Wei-Chun Personal Photos

Lee, Wei-Chun

Job title:Assistant professor

Education:Ph.D. in Statistics, National Central University

Research areas:Statistical application, statistical analysis, research methods

Extension:#2600 #6512

Wu, Jui-Yu Personal Photos

Wu, Jui-Yu

Job title:Associate Professor

Education:Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management, Yuan Ze University

Research areas:Computational Intelligence, e-Business, Business Intelligence, Information Management Applications

Extension:#2210  #6509

Ruan, Yao-Hong Personal Photos

Ruan, Yao-Hong

Job title:Associate professor

Education:Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, Rutgers University

Research areas:E-commerce, operation research, project management


Kuan-Shun Chiu Personal Photos

Kuan-Shun Chiu

Job title:Associate Professor


Research areas:消費者行為、行銷管理、市場區隔與研究


Fan, Kai-Tang Personal Photos

Fan, Kai-Tang

Job title:Associate professor 


Research areas:創造力、組織行為、人力資源發展、虛擬團隊、組織變革與發展


Wang, Shih-Chang Personal Photos

Wang, Shih-Chang

Job title:Associate Professor

Education:Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management, Yuan Ze University

Research areas:ntelligent agent, e-commerce, computational intelligence


Chen, Rong-Huei Personal Photos

Chen, Rong-Huei

Job title:Associate professor and Dean of GAO

Education:Ph.D. in Institute of technology Management

Research areas:Strategy management, technological and innovaion managmenet, project management


Huang, Sheng-Ju Personal Photos

Huang, Sheng-Ju

Job title: Assistant professor

Education:h.D. in Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University

Research areas:Economics, price analysis, marketing management


Chu, Chih-Zhung Personal Photos

Chu, Chih-Zhung

Job title:ssistant professor

Education:Ph.D. in Management, Business Institute of National Taiwan University

Research areas:Organization behavior, human resource, organization management, strategy management


Yuan, Cheng-Kang Personal Photos

袁Yuan, Cheng-Kang

Job title:Assistant professor

Education:Ph.D. in Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Research areas:Business strategy, technology strategy, human engineering


Lai, Yu-Ching Personal Photos

Lai, Yu-Ching

Job title:Assistant professor

Education:h.D. in Technology Management, National Chengchi University

Research areas:Strategy management, industry analysis, industry policy, innovation management, innovation principle


Wang, Kenneth-Hsiche Personal Photos

Wang, Kenneth-Hsiche

Job title:Assistant professor

Education:Ph.D. in Management, Yuan Ze University

Research areas:Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, EC,Internet Marketing


Cho, James Personal Photos

Cho, James

Job title:Assistant Professor

Education:Doctor of Business Administration, Gold Gate University

Research areas:Word-of Mouth (WOM), Purchasing Decision, Cross-cultural Comparison, Emotional Consuming and E-consuming


Te Fu Chen Personal Photos

Te Fu Chen 

Job title:Assistant Professor

Education:Ph.D., School of Management, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Research areas:Knowledge management, Innovation Management, e-commerce/e-business, Service Management, International Marketing, CRM, SCM


Chang, Ting-Ting Personal Photos

Chang, Ting-Ting

Job title:Assistant Professor


Research areas:組織行為、壓力管理與員工福祉、工作與家庭、人力資源管理