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Innovation Creativity

The development characteristic of “the innovation creativity” is for the purpose of cultivating the student to have the innovation ponder and the practical ability of creativity, the related concrete development measure and the impetus concrete achievement collect in the following table.

The innovation creativity characteristic development measure and he achievement collecting table

Development strategy Implementing content Concrete results
Faculty cultivation 1. Holding the program of faculty cultivation.
2. Building professional community of creativity thinking.
3. Awarding faculty to join training and advanced study.
1. Cultivating 7 seed faculty to acquire professional license.
2. There are 27 related academic-industry cooperation projects.
3. There are 167 research papers.
Equipment establishment 1. Actively to strive for characteristic budget.
2. Actively to strive for funds of excellent teaching.
Establish and finish innovation and creativity professional class room.
Course design 1. Planning creativity thinking practical course.
2. Opening innovation and creativity learning course.
4. Linking service learning course.
1. From 96-98, there are 282 people to study this course and 111 people obtain certificate.
3. Service learning activity of “Creativity working room community” affirmed by elementary schools and awarded excellent award by university service learning team.
Practical activity 1. Holding2008-2010 innovation and creativity game of university.
2. Holding2008 creativity design game of university.
3. Holding2009 creativity kid-toy design and entrepreneur game of university.
4. Holding2009-2010 innovation and creativity game inter-university.
1. Obtain the best creativity and excellent award.
2. Obtain top 1 and 3 and excellent award.
3. Obtain top 1 and 2 and excellent award.
4. Obtain top 1, 2, 3 and excellent award.