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Project Management

The development characteristic of “Project management” is for the purpose of cultivating the student to have the integration plan and problem-solution capability, the related concrete development measure and the impetus concrete achievement collect in the following table.

The characteristic development measure and the achievement of project management collecting table

Development strategy Implementing content Concrete results
Faculty cultivation 1. Holding the program of faculty cultivation.
2. Building professional community of project management.
3. Awarding faculty to join training and advanced study.
1. Cultivating 11 seed faculty to acquire professional license.
2. There are 3 faculties obtain top 100 teacher of TPMA.
3. There are 21 related academic-industry cooperation projects.
4. There are 32 research papers.
Equipment establishment 1. Actively to strive for characteristic budget.
2. Actively to strive for funds of excellent teaching.
3. Actively to strive to apply branch project of teaching resource center of north Taiwan.
In 96, establish and finish project management professional classroom and obtain TPMA certificate as national wide project management talent cultivation and certificate research and development center; in 98, establish project management information system.
Course design 1. Planning four in one practical course.
2. Opening license counseling course.
3. Opening project management learning course.
4. Linking service learning course.
1. There are 156 people to study this course.
2. There are 321 people obtain IPMA international PM manager license from 95 to 98.
3. Service learning activity of “Love sky volunteer service team” affirmed by Taoyuan country government and elementary schools and awarded excellent award by university service learning team.
Practical activity 1. Undertaking 96 and 97 branch project of teaching resource center of north Taiwan of MOE.
2. Holding the third and fifth IMPA national wide college project management practical competing game.
3. Assist-holding 2008 project management talent cultivation practical competing game.
4. Assist-holding 2009 national wide project management practical competing game. 5. Helping department of electronic to hold 2009 the fifth AI single chip computer mouse and Robert game via project management.
1. Obtain top 1, 2 and 3 award of 2008 PM talent cultivation practical game.
2. Obtain top 2 and 3 award of 2009 the fourth IPMA national wide college PM practical game.
3. Obtain top 2 and excellent award of 2009 national wide college project management practical competing game.
4. Obtain top 2 award of 2010 the fifth IPMA national wide project management practical competing game.